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Branch are Bristol cider makers. We believe Bristolians deserve spectacular cider made with our spectacular local apple varieties. Our home orchard is Bristol’s own 'Far Orchard', a beautiful traditional cider orchard minutes from the centre of town. 


Branch is Ed & Samantha and our friends and supporters here in the cider drinking capital of the world. Our cider journey has taken us from launching Bristol’s cider bar on a boat The Apple to launching American craft cider co. Austin Eastciders. We spent a decade soaking up inspiration in America's craft beer, wine and cider scene before returning to Bristol and discovering Far Orchard. This fabled 18-acre cider orchard planted by cider legend Redvers Coate had been neglected by the big cider makers, most of its apples having gone to waste for years. We founded Branch to showcase these incredible apples and help preserve the orchard for future generations.


We use methods cherry-picked from traditional and new world cider making, wine making and craft brewing to draw out every delightful drop of flavour that our apples have to offer. Our ciders don’t taste like the basic cider you might be used to. They sing out with the delicious, distinctive character of our historic local apple varieties. In our first 2 years our ciders have won 3 golds and 10 silvers at the British Cider Championships. Our range of blended and varietal ciders demonstrate the huge diversity of flavour that different cider apples can produce.


We are currently busy building a sustainable craft cidery at Far Orchard while developing a long term plan for its 1,000 historic cider apple trees. Follow along on social media, become a Crop Funder to support local cider orchards or join our cider club launching soon. If you are a local venue we want to connect with you. Local cider orchards and cider makers need your support. Let's get local cider made with local apples pouring at your venue. 

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