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West Country orchards grow some of the finest apples on the planet, bittersweet and bittersharp varieties full of tannin and acidity. These apples make mind-blowingly good cider. Craft cider makers all over the world would kill for them. But all over the West Country these apples are being left to rot. More and more cider orchards disappear each year along with vital natural habitat and wildlife.

Far Orchard, Bristol's own cider orchard is emblematic of the problem. The closest orchard to the biggest cider-drinking town on Earth couldn't find a market for most of its apples when we discovered it. This iconic traditional cider orchard is home to 18 acres of the world's best apples in an incredible natural environment - classic West Country apples like Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Tremletts Bitter, Hangdown and Ashton Brown Jersey, each with their own unique, distinctive, delicious flavour.

Is it that people no longer enjoy the big flavours of ciders made with these apples? Or have they been weened onto basic, boring cider that's cheaper and more profitable to make?​ At our new cidery in the beautiful surroundings of Far Orchard we aim to turn these apples into ciders our fellow Bristolians will love - delicious, flavour-packed ciders that are a true reflection of our unique local apple varieties.


It's hard to believe how near Far Orchard is to the centre of Bristol. We are about a mile from Clifton and three miles from the harbourside, just behind Ashton Court Estate. The orchard is in the Abbots Leigh conservation area on a narrow road with no parking, so unfortunately we can only welcome visitors by prior arrangement. We do have occasional events where you can come and share with us in the magic of this special place. Follow us on social media for opportunities to come and enjoy the orchard.​

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